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Positioned in a calm,residential street canopied with trees this is referred to by locals as the “noble” area of Ipanema.Being to the left of Rua Vinicius de Morais this is seen to be the safest part of Ipanema, not being in the “shadow” of any favela. Known as the “Beverly Hills of Rio” due to the many telenovela stars who live here.Tom Jobim wrote “The Girl from Ipanema” while living in this street in 1962 (a plaque commemorates this at no.107).You are 4 blocks from Post 9 on the beach, 2 blocks from the main shopping thoroughfare and 3 blocks from the Lagoa. Although taxis are plentiful and inexpensive being so well located means you can walk to virtually all amenities.There are also 2 parking spaces within the building, which is useful if you rent a car or have Brazilian friends visiting by car.


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